Earley Music Centre

Fire Instructions


In case of fire or any emergency requiring the evacuation of the building the following procedure should be followed.

1 On discovery of a fire/emergency the emergency glass unit placed throughout the building should be pressed/broken this will activate the alarm which is a continuous bell.

2 On hearing the alarm bell teachers should instruct their students and also any one waiting outside the room/hall and on corridors, to move quickly to the main courtyard near the main gate by the Caretakers fence. Do not block the entrance.

3 Teachers should close windows and doors before leaving classrooms and also bring registers to the 'muster' area where they should wait with students.

4 All students and teachers should wait in the 'muster' area until dismissed.

5 Where it is considered safe to do so and without taking personal risk the following colleagues should check that the areas in which they are working have been evacuated. 

Rachel Moore and Alan Hill:- The areas adjacent to their teaching rooms, including the corner room, outside the main block plus any toilets in that area.

Rachel Millard:- The areas adjacent to her teaching room outside the main block plus any toilets in that area.

Martin Whalley and Corinne Rees:- The classrooms in the corridor in which they work plus the hall and toilets.

Chris Pickup:- The central group of classrooms including the classroom and corridor and classrooms behind the 'Office'.

Chris Dobby:- The 'Office', the classrooms, corridor and toilets up from the reception area.

Alice Kreckova and Adam Perry:- The block of class rooms off the small courtyard plus toilets.

If this has not been possible for any reason that fact should be communicated urgently to Don Dobby, Taryn Deane or Phil Rogers.

These teachers should arrange a deputy to cover absence.

After checking that the above areas have been evacuated please will colleagues report this to Taryn, Don or Phil at the 'muster' area.